AAODSAbergavenny Amateur Operatic and Drama Society (UK)
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Example of a part of an "influential" AAOD thread Question #4 Monse 01-04-10 Most of these questions I don't think we went over in class.
There is ample evidence to suggest that more often the AAOD students talked more about confidence (self-efficacy).
AAOD), but this time, Blackboard[R] was not available as the university has replaced it by a Moodle course management system (CMS).
The AOD consisted of 79 students and the AAOD group also had 79 students.
The AOD group had an average exam score of 20.75 and a standard deviation of 5.00, while the AAOD group obtained an average of 22.91 with a standard deviation of 4.33.
The environment (i.e., AOD or AAOD) also has influence on the person and the behavior.
In both classes, the AODs were dominated by a small number of students, while participation in the AAODs covered more students.
The participation rates per student for AAODs were statistically significantly higher for five discussion items (i.e., for Class A: Shark Attacks discussion article had t=3.06 and p=.002, Practice Problems #1 had t=1.73 and p=.045; for Class B: the Linear Programming #2 case had t=4.58 and p<.001, Watching TV article had t=3.57 and p=.001, and PERT/CPM discussion had t=3.17 and p=.020).
These patterns were also reflected in the higher medians of AAODs for the items already noted.
Since the outcome of interactivity is engagement (Rafaeli and Sudweeks, 1994), this thread would also signify better engagement for AAODs.
We found AAODs to be more effective than AODs, thereby confirming previous research about the potential of anchoring in online discussions to increase sharing of ideas and perspectives, enhance participation, and improve engagement to support learning efforts.
Subjects Class AAODs AODs n1 n2 A 23 23 B 19 21 Total 42 44 Table 2.