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AAOMAmerican Association of Oriental Medicine
AAOMAmerican Academy of Oral Medicine
AAOMAsia Academy of Management (Hong Kong)
AAOMAmerican Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
AAOMAmerican Academy of Occupational Medicine
AAOMAdvanced Aircrew Oxygen Mask
AAOMAfrican-American Outreach Ministry (Aurora, IL)
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It is important for practitioners and purveyors of Traditional Chinese Medicine to clearly present our position and concerns in light of recent FDA actions," said Robbee Fian, acupuncturist and AAOM president.
The AAOM has been instrumental in developing educational and certification standards, and is currently developing practice standards for Oriental Medicine professionals in the United States.
AAOMS supports its fellows' and members' ability to practice their specialty through education, research and advocacy.
Our relationship with the AAOM allows us to offer our members access to one of the oldest and most respected forms of therapy in the world.
The Board of Directors of the American Association of Oriental Medicine is looking forward to working with Healthnet to enhance the health and well being of all Web oriented consumers,'' said David Molony, Executive Director of the AAOM.