AAOMRAmerican Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
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The main objective to survey the current radiographic prescription in dental implant assessment was to determine the prescription pattern among the experienced dentists and whether dentists are using imaging modalities for implant placement as recommended by the AAOMR.
Following the as low as reasonably achievable principle, for cross-sectional imaging, the AAOMR recommends conventional tomography for one to seven implant sites and CT for eight or more implant sites.
An Eastman Kodak[15] pamphlet outlines a complete infection control protocol, which is similar to AAOMR guidelines and recommends the use of standard barrier and disinfection/sterilization techniques.
1, 16-21] These authors recommend generally accepted barrier techniques and surface disinfection guidelines that are similar to those outlined by ADA and AAOMR.