AAORAnti-Aircraft Operations Room (WWII)
AAORAverage Annual Operating Revenues (US Federal Railroad Administration)
AAORAmerican Academy of Oral Roentgenology (now American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology)
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In Rojava the PYD, as the most powerful aaor amongst Syria's Kurds, has not permitted any real power sharing with the other Syrian Kurdish parties.
AaOr why the murderous Al Qaeda-Taleban squads continue to multiply by the day?
Children in the novels often exhibit the same kind of compulsory lack of awareness of identity, children such as Jodahs and Aaor, the shapeshifter Oankali/human constructs in Imago, who need a community-what Eric White calls a "social matrix less chaotically mutable than themselves" (406)--in order to remain structurally complex and become adult through metamorphosis.
Matsakis recalls Kitas' reaction - Aaor lack thereof Aa- Aawhile testifying in court.
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