AAOTAssociate of Arts Oregon Transfer (academic degree)
AAOTAsociación Argentina de Ortopedia y Traumatología
AAOTAcqua Alta Oceanographic Tower (oceanic research)
AAOTAustralian Association of Occupational Therapists
AAOTAcetoacet-O-Toluidide (chemical)
AAOTAnointed Authors on Tour
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Comments: 14MP862 is a strong and opaque green shade AAOT yellow for aqueous applications.
Comments: AC 2141-F is a medium-shade, semi-opaque AAOT Yellow dispersion offering high strength and excellent value.
Comments: Diarylide Yellow AAOT (PY14) (AArbor Code 1214W) is a water flexo pigment that is transparent and has no foam in a water-based system.
Comments: PY 14 AAOT Yellow Presscake (Opaque) is designed for water flexo, and is strong, clean and opaque.