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AAPCCAmerican Association of Poison Control Centers
AAPCCAdjusted Average per Capita Cost
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The medical outcome categories were defined by the parameters used by the AAPCC 2011 report.
AAPCC also records the anticipated health effects of the exposure.
4] Their results suggest that the AAPCC rate, federal qualification by an HMO, and prior experience with Medicare beneficiaries positively affect an HMO's probability of participation.
Furthermore, I am in favor of a proposal by the Administration to take out of the payments it now makes to HMOs that enroll elderly that part of the AAPCC [Adjusted Average Per Capita Cost] that covers the federal governments indirect support of for training residents.
The AAPCC determines the Medicare payment rate for managed care.
Bayard: We receive the Medicare payment, the 95% AAPCC, as it's called, plus a premium.
In 2012, AAPCC and the toxicology experts at the nation's fifty-five poison centers highlighted the dangers of Laundry Packets, especially to children five years old and younger," the organization said in a(https://aapcc.
As the AAPCC report specifically indicates no deaths from niacin (B3) or pyridoxine (B6), that leaves folic acid, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), biotin, and B12 as the remaining B vitamins that could be implicated.
On May 17, 2012, AAPCC, working with CDC, developed a new, unique code specifically for laundry detergent pods and asked poison control staff members to use this code for any laundry detergent pod-related call.
The AAPCC is a prospective estimate of Medicare cost levels in the FFS sector, and is adjusted by demographic factors, health risk factors, and geographic area (beneficiary's county of residence).
The average Medicare FFS sector per capita cost was obtained from the AAPCC Masterfile for all US counties between 1988 and 1993 (source: Office of Actuary, HCFA).