AAPIAAmerican Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (Washington, DC)
AAPIAAsian American Pacific Islander Association (University of Idaho)
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Explains Gene Veno, President of the AAPIA, "While engaged in a webinar about the hazards of working in the field, I learned of Katie's senseless murder and became convinced I had to do more to protect the welfare of my hard-working members.
WASHINGTON, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- AAPIA, a nationally known association serving public insurance adjusters, is aggressively on record opposing HB 1181 and Senate Bill 2264, two Florida legislative bills that would significantly dilute consumer protections and defy commonsense if they were passed; AAPIA has faith that once Florida legislators understand the ramifications of each, the bills will be swiftly relegated to the dustbin of Tallahassee.
Instead, to protect the consumer, AAPIA proposes a reconsideration of the change to the 3-year limitation to address insureds who have legitimate damage for 5 years beyond the damage-causing event.