AAPLEAssociation for the Alignment of Past Life Experience
AAPLEAmerican Academy for Professional Law Enforcement (est. 1974; New York, NY)
AAPLEAssessment and Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience (Cleveland State University; Ohio)
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Silverbush is serving his second term us counsel for the organization, AAPLE selected Silverbush for the award to honor his efforts throughout 2010 in working with the organization to assist needy children, Formed in 1974, AAPLE is composed of current and former members from city state and federal law enforcement agencies, Silverbush has worked closely with the Special Projects Bureau of the New York County District Attorney's office on cases involving the Narcotics Eviction Program, where he was involved in the return of hundreds of residential and commercial premises to law-abiding citizens, He also maintains an active trial calendar.