AAPORAmerican Association for Public Opinion Research
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Subsequent analysis by the AAPOR committee found that hard-to-reach voters, those interviewed and three-or-more callbacks, were more likely to be Clinton supporters.
AAPOR encourages pollsters to disclose all methods of their surveys so they can be evaluated and replicated.
George Terhanian, will deliver a paper and participate in a panel discussion during the plenary session of the AAPOR conference in May.
The AAPOR (1) method is likely to yield substantially lower rates than those calculated using the CASRO method.
6 percent using the AAPOR (American Association of Public Opinion Research) method of response rate calculation and 45.
He has also served as a faculty member, chairman of the Department of Communication Studies and associate dean of the School of Communications at Northwestern University (1983-2011), as well as editor of Public Opinion Quarterly (2002-2008) and president of the National AAPOR (2009-2010).
AAPOR is the nation's premier association of public opinion, public policy and social research professionals.
Janet Streicher, Vice President and Managing Director of Knowledge Networks' New York office, will serve as the national Membership and Chapter Relations Committee Chair for AAPOR.
In addition to the Webinar, AAPOR and Poynter invite journalists and others to enroll in a free online course on Understanding and Interpreting Polls (2012 edition).
It's a great honor to receive this award from AAPOR which is known for its commitment to the highest standards in survey research," stated Douglas Rivers, founder and CEO of Knowledge Networks.