AAPPAdministraciones Públicas (Spanish ministry)
AAPPAssistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)
AAPPAmerican Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians (Apex, NC)
AAPPAssociation of Asian Parliaments for Peace
AAPPAmerican Academy on Physician and Patient
AAPPAmerican Association of Patients and Providers
AAPPAffirmative Action Program Plan
AAPPAssociacao Atletica Ponte Preta
AAPPAmerican Association of Professional Psychics
AAPPAirborne Auxiliary Power Plant (aircraft engine design)
AAPPAtti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti (Italian science journal)
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Option 1--If she assumes that her loan officer's AAPP will remain at the $7 million from 2015, she will need to hire six additional loan officers to provide adequate coverage for her share goal.
So far we have been able to confirm the release of only 13, comprising activists and four journalists who are on our list," said Kyaw Soe of the AAPP.
According to AAPP Executive Director Stephanie Monahan, the organization was established in 1995 as a way to bring hospitals in Anchorage together to talk about maternal/child health issues in the state.
Chemical interaction was observed in the case of SEPDM, MAEPDM, MAPP, and AAPP modified EPDM-iPP blends, whereas only physical interaction was observed in the SEBS modified EPDM-iPP blend leading to formation of TPEs.
There are more than ten collaborative cross-disciplinary teams just from the Executive Council of AAPP.
While many political prisoners have been released the AAPP says about 75 remain in detention.
Founded in 2003, the AAPP came about as a response to the country's ever-growing health care crisis.
The American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians, AAPP (www.
AAPP is waiting for more details to emerge on the drug industry cards.
Conflicting explanations are offered for the divergence between the AAPP and auction values.
The solution is a fully managed cloud service deployed under the Alcatel-Lucent AAPP Factory brand.
For information purposes, and to date, the telephone network is mainly composed of Alcatel equipment with which the desired STA solution should be interoperable and certified as such via the AAPP (Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program).