AAPRPAll-African People's Revolutionary Party (West Africa)
AAPRPAmerican Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (boxing)
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where he attended Howard University and helped to organize a thriving chapter of AAPRP and in the Maryland area.
And besides his work in coordinating African Liberation Day in Los Angeles, he helped to coordinate the Recruitment Orientation taskforce and becoming a lead propagandist via his photography, research, and journalist skills; he helped lead various campaigns under the AAPRP banner to expose the crack cocaine campaign designed to destroy African and other communities through the distribution of cocaine and arms, and notwithstanding, he was involved in activities around police abuse after Rodney King was beaten by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1991, and peace efforts between warring street organizations, and the Free the Geronimo Pratt campaign, which resulted in the freedom of Geronimo Ji-Jaga Pratt in 1997.
In a keynote address, Vivene Younger, a member of the central committee of the AAPRP, said Africans had the responsibility to work for a solution to the continent's problems.