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AAPSAnn Arbor Public Schools
AAPSAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
AAPSAssociation of American Physicians and Surgeons
AAPSAmerican Association of Plastic Surgeons
AAPSAfrican Association of Political Science
AAPSAmerican Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.
AAPSAssociation of Applied Paleontological Sciences
AAPSArizona Articulation Proficiency Scale
AAPSAssociation of African Planning Schools
AAPSAthletic Association of Private Schools
AAPSAutomated Aid Positioning System (USCG)
AAPSAdvanced Antenna Prototype Subsystem
AAPSAutomated Astronomic Positioning System
AAPSAsian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
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The Supreme Court will consider taking sides with the Gosnells of the world, in the opinion of AAPS.
Special appreciations go to Weiguo and other AAPS Annual Conference Organizing Committee members for their great support.
When I found AAPS, I found allies, I found resources, and I found the courage to take the leap of faith and start the practice I dreamed of.
AFPE will move its offices in early 2013 from Rockville, MD to AAPS headquarters in Arlington, VA to attain closer communication about common goals and to boost the opportunities to organize activities which advance pharmaceutical science education.
A district court agreed with the Medical Board that the AAPS lacked standing to sue on behalf of its members and granted a motion to dismiss.
Inchauteguiz has spent the last six years with AAPS as the Director of Marketing and Member Services.
According to preliminary reports provided by AAPS Public Outreach, there were approximately 1,475 attendees at NBC 2007, a 1% increase from a year ago when the conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts.
AAPS also offers career development seminars and workshops, as well as career counseling on-site and online.
The main changes since the 2002 edition of the Explanatory Guide was issued are: # 10% default for set-aside remains the same and will apply to claims made in 2003; # Payment rates in euros for 2003 will be the same as 2002, although the sterling rates are likely to be different ; # Clarification of certain aspects of the relation-ship between AAPS and ESAs, Tir Cymen and Tir Gofal; # Revised guidance on set-aside rules (see note); # Relaxation of the rules on wild bird cover on set-aside - must be a mix of at least two crop groups; # Relaxation of the rules relating to the use of manure on set-aside.
Congress never authorized this massive handout to wealthy corporations, and AAPS is gratified that a court has finally indicated its willingness to scrutinize this misappropriation of taxpayer dollars.
Consider the plight of an AAPS member in Corpus Christi, who is rated as one of the top physicians in the nation in his field.
This CRADA marks the first time that AAPS has contributed the funding for a specific research agreement.