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AAQAutomated Application Quality (software)
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Despite the advancement in the collection of empirical data, the AAQ showed some problems with regard to its internal consistency and factor structure (Bond et al.
The original item pool of the initial AAQ included 85 items.
By injecting AAQ into their eyes, researchers reported that light sensitivity in the eyes had been restored, with the mice's pupils contracting in bright light.
AAQ is a photoswitch that binds to protein ion channels on the surface of retinal cells.
AAQ binds to ion channels in retina cells and alters the flow of ions in response to light, mimicking how normal rods and cone cells react to light and activate neurons.
Sin embargo, a pesar de esta diferencia, los resultados concuerdan con los estudios anteriores al discriminar entre el grupo clinico y no clinico; por ejemplo, al traducir la primera version del AAQ, Barraca (2004) obtuvo una media de 34.
In spite of promising data, some have expressed concern about perceived shortcomings of the AAQ and the limitations of self-report measures in general (for a review, see Chawla & Ostafin, 2007).
Since the Spanish translation of the AAQ (Barraca, 2004) has similar limitations to the ones mentioned for the original version, a good number of independent studies conducted in Spain have used a translation of the AAQ-II.
An increasing number of laboratory studies have documented that participants differing in levels of experiential avoidance as assessed by the AAQ generally differ predictably in their reactions to both psychological and biological challenges designed to simulate or induce clinically relevant phenomena.
The AAQ is a single-factor instrument measuring the ability to accept emotions, defuse from thought, and act in the presence of aversive private experience (Hayes, Strosahl, et al.