AAQSAmbient Air Quality Standards (US EPA)
AAQSAmbient Air Quality Standard
AAQSAfrica Association of Quantity Surveyors (est. 1999)
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Of paramount importance in this process was the 16-item version of the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (AAQ; Bond & Bunce, 2003).
Following the structure of the original AAQ, each item was rated on a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1- Never True to 7- Always True.
The single factor AAQ-II was designed to improve upon the psychometrics of the initial versions of the AAQ and the newly developed, domain-specific acceptance measures are only one factored as well.
The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-II (AAQ-II; Bond et al., 2008) is a 10-item instrument designed to measure acceptance, or the lack thereof, and was developed to address psychometric concerns of the original version of the AAQ. This questionnaire has good reliability and yields a single factor (Bond et al., 2008).
Next, these correlations were compared using the test outlined by Meng, Rosenthal, and Rubin (1992) to determine which measure of acceptance (SA-AAQ or the AAQ) is more strongly correlated with social anxiety.
Based on the definitions of acceptance and action used for the original AAQ (Hayes et al., 2004), an initial item pool was developed.
This instrument can potentially be added to a growing list of domain-specific variants of the AAQ, such as the BI-AAQ (Sandoz, 2010), the Acceptance and Action Diabetes Questionnaire (AADQ; Gregg, Callahan, Hayes, & Glenn-Lawson, 2007), the trauma specific AAQ (AAQ-TS; Braekkan, 2007) and the Voices Acceptance and Action Scale (VAAS; Shawyer et al., 2007).