AAREAAsian American Real Estate Association (Houston, TX)
AAREAAnn Arbor Real Estate Associates (Ann Arbor, MI)
AAREAAlliance for Applied Research in Education and Anthropology (Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida; Tampa, FL)
AAREAAustralian Asthma & Respiratory Educators Association, Inc (Wollongong, NSW, Australia),
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The Aareas range of products and services provide comprehensive CRM capabilities integrated with Oracle's e-Business suite of products.
By partnering with SDC, we have the opportunity to add value by integrating the world's best ERM offerings from Oracle and Aareas into the real estate, builder and developer community in the Middle East.
The presentation room is built around the Electrohome VistaPro video projection system, which projects dramatic moving images of Triloft living spaces, built using Aareas by Design software, onto a screen five feet high by seven feet wide.
Building information Modeling Aareas Interactive 888-613-2677 Ameri-CAD/VisionREZ 888-596-6525 Autodsys 503-257-0505 Builder Partners/ Estimator Partners 207-273-3021 EZConstruction Manager/ Home Construction Consulting 877-558-5833 Land Value Analysis 800-821-4293 Latista Technologies 703-435-9201 Mark Systems/American Management Enterprises 800-972-7444 Real Pro-Jections 800-774-5077 SiteStream Software 800-659-5830 CAD/Design Abbisoft House Plans 800-345-4663 Ameri-CAD/VisionREZ 888-596-6525 The American Contractor 800-333-8435 Architectural Details 800-959-DRAW Argos Systems 781-271-9111 Autodesk 800-964-6432 Autodsys 503-257-0505 Builderfinish 888-337-5100 BuildersCAD/Sigma Design 888-990-0900 Cad Quest 262-953-8000 CADSOFT Corp.
I hear this over and over," says Frank Guido, president of Chicago's Aareas Interactive Inc.
Another system that lets prospective home buyers make options selections and view project amenities over the Web comes from Toronto-based Aareas Interactive.