AARFAtlantoaxial Rotatory Fixation (subluxation)
AARFAvenue A Razorfish
AARFAustralian Accounting Research Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
AARFAtlanta Animal Rescue Friends
AARFAdolescent & Animal Resource Fund (North Carolina)
AARFAnguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
AARFAmerican Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
AARFAffirmative Action Review Form
AARFAdult Addictions Receiving Facility
AARFAgility Addicts and Rover Fanatics
AARFAnimal Angels Rescue Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption Release Form
AARFAdopt a Rescued Friend, Inc. (dog rescue; Houston, TX)
AARFAbsolute Agility Recreational Facility (Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)
AARFAccount Activation Request Form (helpdesk)
AARFAdditional Adjusted Reduction Factor
AARFAutomatic Alternate Radio Frequency
AARFAutomated Access Resource Form (Florida DOT)
AARFAccount Access Request Form
AARFAustralian Address Reference File (Australia Post)
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Within this limit, ACARS performed better than the other algorithms, while AARF has poor performance because of the network conditions that is not favorable to this RA caused by the propagation conditions.
Section II describes related works related to the proposed rate adaptation algorithm for the IEEE 802.11n standard and the AARF algorithm on the NS-3 Simulator.
According to AARF (1990), financial information is further used by users to assess the ability of the entity to continue to provide goods and services in the future.
In this paper, we review the literature and report a case of AARF in a 6-year-old boy requiring fusion surgery after failed treatment with temporary fixation and motion preservation surgery.
The ARF and AARF react sequentially to improvements in the channel quality.
Orgaos normativos, como o IASB (1989), o FASB (1980) e o AARF (2001), emitiram pronunciamentos sobre caracteristicas qualitativas da informacao contabil.
Todas las propuestas de marco conceptual, emitidas hasta el momento para ser aplicadas en entidades privadas, estan basadas en el "enfoque activo-pasivo" (AARF, ASAC/OCC, ASB, FASB, IASB y NZSA), pero no hay ningun impedimento para que las propuestas sean elaboradas con el "enfoque gastos-ingresos", como ocurrio en varias propuestas de marcos teoricos disenados antes de que se generalizara la denominacion marco conceptual.
The ASRB reviewed and endorsed accounting standards developed by AARF and gave them legislative status.
During its deliberations, the Board considered the consolidation policies of international accounting standards setters, particularly those issued by the Australian Accounting Research Foundation (AARF) and by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.
Alternatives to Animals Research Fund (AARF) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis.
This popular view of assets is reflected in the definitions promulgated by professional accounting bodies in the United States [Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), 1980, para.19], United Kingdom [Accounting Standards Board (ASB), 1999] and Australia [Australian Accounting Research Foundation (AARF), 1992, para.
(67) In response, the Asociacion del Agricultores del Rio Fuerte Sur (AARFS) filed a request with the USPTO to reexamine Proctor's patent, claiming that the Enola patent lacked novelty, and countersued in U.S.