AARFAvenue A Razorfish
AARFAustralian Accounting Research Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
AARFAtlanta Animal Rescue Friends
AARFAnguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
AARFAmerican Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
AARFAffirmative Action Review Form
AARFAdult Addictions Receiving Facility
AARFAgility Addicts and Rover Fanatics
AARFAnimal Angels Rescue Foundation
AARFAdopt a Rescued Friend, Inc. (dog rescue; Houston, TX)
AARFAnimal Adoption Release Form
AARFAbsolute Agility Recreational Facility (Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)
AARFAdditional Adjusted Reduction Factor
AARFAccount Activation Request Form (helpdesk)
AARFAutomatic Alternate Radio Frequency
AARFAccount Access Request Form
AARFAustralian Address Reference File (Australia Post)
AARFAutomated Access Resource Form (Florida DOT)
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Orgaos normativos, como o IASB (1989), o FASB (1980) e o AARF (2001), emitiram pronunciamentos sobre caracteristicas qualitativas da informacao contabil.
A AARF foi criada em 1966, com sede em Melbourne, na Australia, e desenvolve um conjunto de tecnicas e atividades de pesquisa contabil.
Embora haja diversas alternativas para fundamentar as caracteristicas qualitativas da informacao contabil gerencial, conforme exposto, no presente estudo utiliza-se como referencia a abordagem da AARF (2001).
Being on a small island, we are somewhat isolated so donations of the items needed to help support the cats and dogs at our shelter can be challenging," said Gayle Enzel, Board member of AARF.
Working with partners like Good 360, Waste Management and animal welfare agencies like AARF inspires each of us to continue to look for creative ways to help PetSmart develop and support innovative solutions for our sustainability challenges.