AARGAerial Archaeology Research Group (est. 1980)
AARGAustralasian Audio Repairers Guild
AARGAustin Area Rocketry Group (astronomy; Texas)
AARGAssociation of Americans Risen from the Grave (website)
AARGAppalachian Amateur Radio Group (ham radio)
AARGAustralian Aircraft Restoration Group (Australia)
AARGAverage Annual Rate of Growth
AARGAtlanta Adventure Racing Group
AARGArizona Adventure Riders Group
AARGAllied Aviation Resource Group (World War II)
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During the period 1970-88, the AARG in Medicare physician expenditures of 16.
The AARG in Medicare program payments for physician and supplier services was 10.
8 billion in 1987) for all Medicare services slowed to an AARG of 8.
The AARG for hospital inpatient payments decreased to 4.
Although the AARG in HOP payments increased at a slower rate (18.
The data show that, on the basis of computations explained in relation to the discussion of Table 2, average program payments per HHA visit increased at an AARG of 9.
For a specified period, the AARG in program payments for HHA visits is equal to the sum of the AARGs of the terms on the right side of identity.
com proved to have the best offering,&uot; said Greg Dodge, director of operations at AARG.
We are looking forward to working with the AARG restaurants to ensure that OpenTable.