AARLAustralian Academic and Research Libraries (quarterly journal)
AARLAuburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
AARLAttribute Authority Revocation List (technological security)
AARLArmy Aeromedical Research Laboratory
AARLAmerican Amateur Radio League
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Civil rights activist and former mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young recently donated his books, handwritten correspondence, diaries, audio tapes, and photographs spanning 50 years of his life to AARL.
A conventional AARL elution is then carried out to strip gold from carbon, using a hot caustic soda and sodium cyanide solution.
Acid washing and elution of loaded carbon will be performed in separate columns using the split Anglo American Research Laboratories (AARL) process.
Since 1953, academic libraries in Australia and New Zealand had contributed statistics for a growing set of indicators, which are published in an annual supplement to the journal Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL).
Gold will be recovered from the loaded carbon in a split AARL [Anglo American Research Laboratories] elution circuit.
The carbon is then transferred to an AARL strip circuit where the gold is solubilized into a highly concentrated solution using concentrated sodium ions under high pressure and high temperature.
TABLE 2 PLANT OPERATING CONDITIONS Average Production Rate 3,500 st/d Average Abrasion Index, Ai 0.65 Average Bond Work Index 18.0 kWh/st Average Grind 80% minus-120-mesh Average Solids 53% Average Retention Time 23 hr Average Carbon 10.0 g/liter Interstage Screen (Wedgewire) 0.8 mm opening, static, airswept Carbon-in-Process Inventory 45 st Carbon Stripping Design 3.0 ton, AARL Acid Washing 3% HCl Average Regenerated Activity 90%-plus virgin With the closing of the mill, the tanks were emptied, the carbon regenerated, and the carbon was bagged and weighed.