AARMSAtlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (Dalhousie University; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
AARMSAcademic and Applied Research in Military Science (journal)
AARMSArmy Architecture Repository Management System
AARMSAuthorized/Assigned Resource Management System (USAF)
AARMSArmy Aviation Readiness Management System
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At the upcoming AARMS West conference pension, endowment, foundation and industry experts will reassess asset allocation strategies, debate the traditional portfolio structure, evaluate the tools available and how institutions can better use them, and deliberate whether the ever-elusive alpha can be better captured if the managers' constraints are lifted.
The second in the acclaimed AARMS Series, 'Investment Strategies in a World of Restrained Investment Returns' provides a rigorous, analytical, and objective framework within which Institutional Investors will hear and critically evaluate the full spectrum of issues and arguments relevant to the asset allocation decision-making process in today's economy.
Not just another glorified capital introductions boondoggle, on the contrary, AARMS is designed to provide an intellectual think-tank, an interactive laboratory of discussion and debate.