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AARNAlberta Association of Registered Nurses
AARNAssociation of Australian Rural Nurses
AARNAustralian Academic Research Network (computer network)
AARNAlumni Admission Recruitment Network (various schools)
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AARN members will work together on national projects and support each other in state legislative, collective bargaining, and organizing campaigns.
That voice is the AARN," added Nancy Ford, RN, of the MSNA.
AARN members endorsed HR 676 at a meeting last weekend.
Further, the Bush plan will exaggerate the trend toward a two-tier medical system and inequality in care delivery, said the AARN, while pricing more people out of access to care at a time when 40% of Americans cite medical debt as a major problem.
That the AARN, CRANA, ANF, State and Territory governments and rural and remote communities co-operate to market to the public and all other relevant stakeholders an image of nursing in rural and remote areas that is positive, enthusiastic and contemporary, highlighting that nurses are valued and necessary for the continued health care of these communities.