AARNArea Auto Racing News (Trenton, NJ)
AARNAlberta Association of Registered Nurses
AARNAssociation of Australian Rural Nurses
AARNAustralian Academic Research Network (computer network)
AARNAlumni Admission Recruitment Network (various schools)
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AARN members will work together on national projects and support each other in state legislative, collective bargaining, and organizing campaigns.
That voice is the AARN," added Nancy Ford, RN, of the MSNA.
Certainly the workshop and the work of AARN, CRANA and the ANF is a step forward.
To give Aarns a smoother ride, Geissler reduced the size of the Skyray, added winglets at the ends of the wings, and redirected airflow to avoid turbulence behind the parachute pack.
Since then, Aarns has flown the Skyray nearly 300 times without a hitch.