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AARPAssociation of American Retired Persons
AARPAppletalk Address Resolution Protocol
AARPArt and Archaeology Research Papers (School of Oriental and African Studies bulletin; University of London; Cambridge University Press; UK)
AARPAnimal Accident Recovery Patrol
AARPAutomated Address Range Program (US Census Bureau)
AARPAnycast Address Routing Protocol
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While aimed at helping the 50-plus demographic, AARP TEK is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smartphone, tablet or other technology.
Kicking Scammers, Schemers, and Scoundrels to the Curb : Solving nearly 27,000 consumer complaints and recouping almost $5 million over the last eight years for AARP members, AARP Consumer Advocate Ron Burley shares the top four problems most upsetting to consumers and offers his best advice to combat those situations in this issue of AARP The Magazine.
The AARP Dental Insurance Plan -- managed through subsidiary AARP Services, and administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company, which underwrites it with affiliates Dentegra Insurance Company and Dentegra Insurance Company of New England -- provides immediate coverage for most preventive, diagnostic and basic restorative services, as well as endodontics (root canal treatment) and oral surgery (extractions).
The arrival of the AARP Livability Index will be particularly important in the coming years to address the changing needs and wants of this country's aging population.
Monster is dedicated to supporting people at every stage of their career and we are pleased to collaborate with AARP to offer content specifically tailored to this growing demographic.
AARP Bulletin covers the top 4 scams during the holiday season, how to identify them and what you should do to protect yourself.
And AARP has had plenty of occasions to get that message.
The AARP report, based on government data spanning 20 years, based its conclusion among the following trends:
The AARP building is a joint venture between Equitable Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.
Walgreens and AARP have made available since 2006 several initiatives including discounts for AARP members, the AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour, AARP membership card offers, online discounts for health and wellness products, in-store AARP membership drives and "Medicines Made Easy" education.
AARP The Magazine recalls that historical moment, frozen in time for a generation that will never forget.
Van Atta's real scoop, which he unfortunately buries in the last chapter of his book, is that AARP's membership is, in the words of one AARP official, "dropping like stone.