AARRAverage Annual Rate of Reduction
AARRAnnual Aggregate Revenue Requirement
AARRAssociation of American Railroads
AARRArgonne Advanced Research Reactor
AARRAlan Aragon's Research Review (fitness research journal)
AARRAktiebolaget Atomenergi Research Reactor
AARRAmerican Association of Railroads (usually seen as AAR)
AARRApproval, Adjustment & Reject Response (healthcare)
AARRAverage Accounting Rate of Return
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AARR allows us to be literally "sorry" and "glad" about various potential life courses before we actually commit to them and to bring the past into the present moment in ways that do not happen without it.
In particular, the cause of a prescription drug benefit was pressed by some members of Congress and interest groups such as AARR Numerous States had also implemented some form of prescription drug assistance programs by the mid-1980s, offering a range of models to draw on in the development of a national program, appropriate to the more State-oriented focus of Reagan administration policies.
About 14% of today's labor pool is 55 or older, and the number is expected to reach 19% by 2012, according to AARR.
In the United States, diploid genotypes are determined by a number of commercially available assays and typically shown as the results at codon 136 and 171 (AAQQ, AAQR, AARR, VVQQ, AVQQ or AVQR).
These ads come from groups such as the Business Roundtable and AARR which seemingly represent very different con stituencies but are nevertheless allies for a place at the federal trough.
i] are not moderated as they are for AMRR, so AARR has higher within-year fluctuations.
But if everyone gave discounts to anyone over fifty, you wouldn't need AARR Two, buying health-insurance policies.
Arbitrarily applicable relational responding, in accordance with sameness or coordination, appears to be the first pattern of AARR to emerge, and there is empirical research with infants charting the emergence of this pattern as well as demonstrating how it can be explicitly trained (Lipkens et al.
Today he is the first African American chief executive officer of the membership organization for people age 50 and older, AARR
For budget hotels outside London, occupancy levels for the first and second half of 2001 were 74 per cent and 77 per cent respectively, compared to 81 per cent in 2000, although AARR for provincial hotels rose.
Studies conducted under the rubric of RFT have shown that derived learning processes demonstrated in nonarbitrary relations (see Sidman, 1994) apply to AARR.
WW2001141 In Double Double Trouble, I listed 4-letter words made solely of two doubled letters: AALL, FFEE, FFOO, OOLL, YYFF (all oed), OOFF, OOSS, (both csd), ZZEE (a Hans Zzee lived in Manhattan in 1974) To these, I can now add AABB (Aabb ej Jinnate is in Syria) and AARR (Aarr ej Jamouss is a wadi in Lebanon).