AASAAmerican Association of School Administrators
AASAArchitectural Association School of Architecture (UK)
AASAAxe Apollo Space Academy
AASAAssociate of Applied Science in Accounting (various organizations)
AASAAsian American Student Association
AASAAssociation of Academies of Sciences in Asia
AASAAdministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASAAging and Adult Services Administration
AASAAfrican Aeronautics and Space Agency
AASAAssociation of Architecture Schools of Australasia
AASAArkansas Association of School Administrators
AASAAsian American Student Alliance
AASAAssociation of Aerial Surveyors Australia
AASAAssociation des Aides-Soignants d'Auvergne
AASAAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Antenna
AASAAmerica's Army Server Administrators (gaming)
AASAAssociation of Alaska School Administrators
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Domenech, Executive Director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association.
Director AASA Riaz Hussain apprised Chairperson of the progress of ongoing survey.
The AASA first contends that the current due process structure has become obsolete due to changes in federal education legislation, particularly the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (221) (NCLB) and the 2004 amendments to IDEA.
Regarding sexual victimization experiences, we considered two main aspects that might impact individuals differently: (a) we distinguished between CSA, AASA, and the co-occurrence of both CSA+AASA, as the latter might trigger a greater negative impact (Walsh, DiLillo, & Scalora, 2011); and (b) the severity of abuse, in particular of AASA.
Also joining Carney is Franklin Jackson, who won a ticket to space as part of the AASA Super Bowl sweepstakes in February 2013.
El espectro correspondiente al AASA en ausencia de ion cloruro (AASA sin cloro), el cual se observa en la Figura 1, presenta en general las mismas fases con menor intensidad, la fase halita no esta presente en este espectro.
NLC and AASA sponsored the City and School Leaders Collaborating on Local Wellness Planning project with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) through its Leadership for Healthy Communities national program.
The loan is guaranteed by DnB NOR Bank ASA, part of DnB NOR AASA (OSL: DNBNOR) and Norway's agency for insurance and state guarantees for export credit GIEK.
Published jointly with the AASA and the HOPE (Harnessing Optimism and Potential Through Education) Foundation.