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Since 1987, AASB 1011 `Accounting for Research and Development Costs' has governed accounting for R&D expenditures in Australia.
Standard AASB 134 Interim Financial Reporting and the Corporations
For more information on the conference, contact AASB at 1111 W.
Capitolimpact's legislative tracking system, for instance, allows AASB to electronically tag bills introduced before the Alabama House and Senate, post them to its Web site, and incorporate impact analysis and other comments directly into a comment section of the system.
The definitions in, and provisions of, AASB 107: Statement of Cash Flows apply to this report except for any additional disclosure requested by AASB 107 that are not already itemised in this report.
1) These general purpose half-year consolidated accounts have been prepared in accordance with Accounting Standard AASB 1029: "Half-Year Accounts and Consolidated Accounts" and other, mandatory professional reporting requirements.
The equivalent Australian Standard, AASB 1, does not provide for the netting of goodwill against equity.
These include the presentation of the Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income in conformity with the requirements of AASB 101 Presentation of Financial Statements and disclosures included in Note 6.
Evaluation of Mineral Resources and AASB 107: Statement of Cash Flows
Under AASB 2 Share-based Payment, pursuant to the adoption of
Under AASB 2 Share-based Payments, pursuant to the adoption of