AASCAmerican Association of State Climatologists (est. 1976)
AASCAsian American Studies Center
AASCAmerican Association of Service Coordinators (Powell, OH)
AASCAppalachian Agency for Senior Citizens (Cedar Bluff, VA)
AASCArmy Area Signal Center
AASCAging and Adult Services Commission
AASCArmy Automation Steering Committee (US Army)
AASCA+ Authorized Service Center (where at least 50% of technicians are A+ Certified)
AASCAlpha Arts and Science College (India)
AASCAmerican Association of School Children
AASCAlcalenian Association of Southern California (Carson, CA)
AASCAuditing and Assurance Standards Council (Philippines)
AASCAssociate of the Academy of Saint Cecilia
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With the partnership, AASC engaged the greater Southern Colorado region, put a spotlight on its mission and member benefits and kept its members informed while also connecting the membership with CSBJ's sales and networking opportunities.
The distribution of S compounds in the feedstock S-heteroatom type S, wt% AASC 3.
Students in the control group completed the SSPS, BKP, and AASC at the beginning of the semester, and they completed the post-test of all three instruments at the end of the semester.
This year, the AASC gave the bulk of its attention (ten workshops) to JSUSD's Willow High, a school whose economic, geographic, and ethnic diversity is rare by any standard.
AASC intensively reviewed the top five providers and their solutions.
The questions asked at the focus group session were designed to elicit information from students about the role that AASC plays in their academic success and their decision to stay at a Pacific Northwest PWI.
AASC also emphasized the experiences of working-class women and women of color.
Vernon Jenkins Calendar is on sale for PS10, with all proceeds being donated to AASC.
Accordingly, Garang at page 206 of the first edition of the proceedings of 17th AASC was clear that the African nation must integrate the African Diaspora.
Despite that anxiety, AASC implemented chat in anticipation of Gen Yers coming into the market and to offer customers a broader range of service-and-support options.
AASC, she said, is advocating that tax credit owners be allowed to apply for the same grant as 202 property owners with caveats, such as a matching program, that would allow for the continuance of the service coordinator program after a HUD three-year grant expires.
In addition to the AASC units, elements of the hastily raised Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC) were present in Egypt.