AASCIPSWAmerican Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers (est. 1986)
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He chaired the Program and Professional Issues committees, was on the AASCIPSW Board of Directors for two terms, and was president in 1995-1996.
AASCIPSW convenes annually to report state-of-the-art techniques and disseminate information about scientific or technological breakthroughs, advances in research, and the latest standards of healthcare for people with SCI.
For more information about this conference or about APS, AASCIN, or AASCIPSW, contact the organizations at 75-20 Astoria Boulevard, Jackson Heights, NY 11370-1177.
For more information about these conferences or APS, AASCIN, and AASCIPSW, contact:
Behind the scenes, the AASCIPSW Board of Directors held a strategic planning meeting to determine the association's future directions and goals.
AASCIPSW is dedicated to the improvement of psychosocial--the interaction between psychological and social factors--services for people with SCI/D as well as their partners and families.
AASCIPSW is committed to maintaining high standards of care and quality of life for people with SCI.