AASCUAmerican Association of State Colleges and Universities
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One of the best ways to overcome the ill will and mistrust built between Cuba and the United States over the past 50 years is to fully develop educational exchange programs; that is impossible with the current travel restrictions," said AASCU President Constantine W.
A number of institutions and organizations, such as Harvard, AASCU and the American Council on Education (ACE), hold annual leadership programs for prospective college or university presidents.
These are simple facts that George Mehaffy at AASCU has been trying to highlight to the association's 415 public four-year institutions.
With a divided government for the first time in a dozen years, almost any outcome is possible," the AASCU statement concludes.
Contact: AASCU, 1307 New York Avenue, NW, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20005; (202) 293-7070, fax (202) 296-5819, http://www.
An important part of the campus culture among AASCU institutions is encouraging students to be engaged citizens.
A launch by NASULGC, AASCU, AAU, and NAICU of a multifaceted initiative to increase the number of science and mathematics teachers prepared by colleges and universities and recommended to states for certification.
Modavox to Deliver Live Webcast on Higher Education Assessment/Accountability and Climate Change for AASCU and SCUP
This initiative is an important step in public higher education's ongoing efforts to be accountable in the area of student outcomes," said AASCU President Muriel A.
Student employment expert Scott Lurding to speak on university employment outcomes at AASCU 2014 Summer Academic Affairs Meeting.
Howard, president of AASCU since 2009, is the first African-American to lead one of the six presidentially based higher education associations in Washington, D.
At the meeting, Altus founder and CEO Scott Lurding will co-present a session along with an Altus client that is an AASCU member.