AASCUAmerican Association of State Colleges and Universities
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Internationalizing the curriculum and the campus: Guidelines for AASCU institutions.
One of the best ways to overcome the ill will and mistrust built between Cuba and the United States over the past 50 years is to fully develop educational exchange programs; that is impossible with the current travel restrictions," said AASCU President Constantine W.
has articulated the values, actions, and goals they believe should characterize AASCU.
AASCU (1995), On the Brink: Report on the Use and Management of Information Technology at AASCU Institutions, Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities.
AASCU officials liked direct lending, but distrusted ability-to-pay loans and national service loan forgiveness.
The Civic Minor in Urban Education project, funded by a $433,874 Learn and Serve America Higher Education grant, was awarded to AASCU by the Corporation for National and Community Service.
The Democracy Commitment is modeled after the American Democracy Project, a national coalition of public, four-year colleges and universities committed to civic and democratic work, sponsored by the AASCU in partnership with The New York Times.
It also accomplished the 2004 recommendation of AASCU by promoting closer contact between University and school personnel, providing a sequence of courses and tying to state content standards.
The project involved the development of a new student survey, under the direction of AASCU, for areas of student learning that lack multiple measurement instruments--participation in civic engagement, preparation for success in the workplace, and acquisition of global skills.
For AASCU member institutions, the accountability pressure is particularly acute.