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AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition (NASA)
AASEAustralian Association of Special Education
AASEAcademic Association of Sales Engineering (international organization)
AASEAlcohol Abstinence Self Efficacy (scale)
AASEAlberta Association for Supported Employment (Canada)
AASEAmerican Association of Senior Executives
AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric Expeditions
AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric Experiment
AASEArmy Aviation Support Element
AASEAfrican Association of Science Editors (Kenya)
AASEAssociate Accredited Systems Engineer
AASEAircraft Armament Suspension Equipment
AASEAsian American Association of Engineers
AASEAverage Area Spectral Efficiency
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Sources: Interviews with Jeffrey Brown, Dynalloy Inc., www.dynalloy.com; Jan Aase, Vehicle Development Research Laboratory, GM, www.gm.com; Alan L.
Pressure support in response to water injection in the AASE-7X and AASE-8X wells has now been observed in the nearby producers of AASE-6X Shagar and the AASE -4X Rahmi wells.
AASE = [b.sub.0] (=[G.sub.00] + [G.sub.01] RR+ u) + [b.sub.1] OHTime + r
Developing guidelines was a crucial step in boosting participation, Aase says.
At Macalester, Aase and Krueger's work was an important contribution to budget planning.
Arrested on unrelated warrants: Derek Edward Aase, 21.
Eustis, VA), valued at $45 million, positions ITT as prime for the installation and integration of Advanced Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AASE), including initial SIRFC production systems, onboard Army Special Ops aircraft.
There are four papers: (1) "Introduction" (Michael McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro); (2) "Build Your Boat Before the Flood: Contingency Planning in Higher Education" (Craig Aase and Gary Krueger); (3) "Coping with Recession: Public Policy, Economic Downturns, and Higher Education" (Patrick Callan); and (4) "Staying on the Island: Higher Education and Reality Politics" (Clayton Spencer).
The two groups will transfer relevant assets at current values to the new joint venture, according to Ericsson spokes-person Aase Lindskog, who indicated however that precise figures will not be released.
Christian Werner as well as Aase Berg, Carl-Michael Edenborg, Robert Lindroth, Niklas Nenzen, and Sebastian Osorio) by dint of her allegiance as well as her style.
Microsoft and Oracle also helped put together the American Alliance for Software Exports (AASE), which Nichols described as one of the most active Beltway proponents of the Software Export Equity Act.