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AASHAmerican Association for the Study of Headache
AASHAdrenal Androgen Stimulating Hormone
AASHAssociated Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart
AASHAustralian Association of Speech and Hearing
AASHAgnostics, Atheists, and Secular Humanists
AASHAssociation Aéromodélisme Sud Hainaut (Belgium)
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6) New data from a review of three trials involving 4,200 patients also presented at AASH showed that ZOMIG provides relief of migraine symptoms, with 14.
AASH is a professional organization for those interested in the study and management of headache and face pain.
At the AASH meeting, AAI sponsored an expert panel of physicians, from private practice, academia, and industry, representing unique perspectives on migraine pain management, to discuss its Pro-Sorb diclofenac product.