AASHOAmerican Association of State Highway Officials
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To settle the dispute, AASHO arranged a meeting of a subset of its executive committee for September 1915, just before the Panama-Pacific International Road Exposition in San Francisco.
The Present Serviceability Index (PSI) is based on the original AASHO Road Test.
Pavimentos flexibles Pavimentos rigidos Modelo de (AASHO) Modelo (AASHO) Calores Valores Rangos Valores Valores Rangos de PSI de IRI de IRI de PSI de IRI de IRI 5,0 0,0 0-10 5,0 0 0-1,4 4,2 0,8 4,5 0,97 4,0 1,0 4,0 1,4 3,0 1,9 1,0-1,9 3,0 2,3 1,4-2,3 2,5 2,6 1,9-3,6 2,5 2,9 2,3-3,6 2,0 3,6 2,0 3,6 1,5 4,9 3,6-6,4 1,5 4,6 3,6-6,0 1,0 6,4 1,0 6,0 0,0 9,5 >6,4 0,0 11,2 >6,0 Pavimentos Calificacion Descripcion Modelo de (AASHO) AASHO Calores de PSI 5,0 Muy buena Solo los pavimentos nuevos (o casi nuevos) 4,2 son los suficientemente para clasificar 4,0 suaves y sin deterioro en esta categoria.
After that, AASHO continued to work on improving the Interstate Highway System, by developing and updating the geometric design standards for the new Interstate.
AASHO became AASHTO with the addition of "Transportation" to its name in 1973, reflecting the growing emphasis on intermodal transportation.
To continue the story, this second article details the evolution of AASHO and its successor, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), as the premiere voice of transportation officials around the country.
With the founding of AASHO, all of the pieces were in place to create the Federal-aid highway program.
AASHO then proposed additional research on pavement performance to overcome the road test's limitations but never implemented these further studies, partly because the engineers of the day believed that advances in pavement engineering theory and mechanistic modeling would be able to fill the gaps.
The new Agriculture Secretary, William Jardine, submitted the plan to AASHO, whose member highway agencies owned and operated the roads.
Whitton represented AASHO before Congress during this critical year and oversaw revision of the 1945 geometric design standards for the Interstate System.
Based on early experience, AASHO Executive Secretary A.
More than four decades have passed since the AASHO study, and many methods and design procedures have evolved, stemming from new technologies and the increasing traffic demands on pavements.