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AASIAmerican Association of Snowboard Instructors (affliated with Professional Ski Instructors of America)
AASIAbel Assessment for Sexual Interest
AASIAdvanced Aerodynamics and Structures, Inc. (aircraft manufacturer; Long Beach, CA)
AASIAmbulatory Arterial Stiffness Index (blood pressure)
AASIAutomobile Association of South India
AASIAdopt-a-School Initiative (Wake County Public School System; North Carolina)
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Aasi added that the average productivity per feddan is about 15 tonnes; hence, the company's export capacity reaches 18,000 tonnes of fruits.
O formulario padronizado pelo servico apresenta variaveis distribuidas nos seguintes eixos: dados sociodemograficos (idade, sexo, profissao, local de moradia, escolaridade, situacao funcional); clinicos (provavel etiologia da perda auditiva, tipo de perda auditiva, grau da perda auditiva); dados assistenciais (se o usuario ja fez uso de AASI anteriormente, tipo de AASI, tipo de adaptacao, se ha indicacao do uso do AASI pelo otorrinolaringologista, tipo de exame apresentado, se faz terapia fonoaudiologica e conduta da Junta de Saude Auditiva Microrregional); aspectos comunicativos (grau de motivacao do paciente para uso do AASI, contexto sociocultural--autonomia para uso do AASI, se e oralizado, aceitacao, socializacao em relacao a perda auditiva, familia).
After evaluating for normality though skewness and kurtosis, Analysis of Variance Split-Plot (SPANOVA) with Bonferroni test as post hoc was performed to compare AASI between and within the groups.
9) Christians (like Vogelaar, Thomsen, and others) brought such awareness from various parts of the world to the United States, where they met Muslims (like Aasi and others) who held similar commitments.
They (Indian meat exporters) should make sure that the quality is according to the standard we need," Aasi said.
My living conditions weren't so good, and working in the police paid very well so I took a police job," said Al Aasi, who is now "about sixty u not sure".
The AASI is a two-part test administered on a laptop computer.
Within five years, AASI had 5,000 certified snowboard instructors, It may sound like an entirely separate association, and that's exactly how it was intended.
And AASI and North Pacific began working together to develop the method and supporting technology.
Leading journalist Saeed Aasi said no one can take Nazaria-i-Pakistan from the hearts of Pakistanis.
Editor Daily Nawa-i-Waqat Saeed Aasi said: 'My relations with Munnu Bhai are 4 decades long, when I was writing column in Daily Amroz'.
O AASI e um dispositivo eletronico que tem como principal funcao a amplificacao dos sons possibilitando ao individuo a utilizacao de sua audicao residual.