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AASLDAmerican Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (Alexandria, VA)
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In the clinical guideline of 2015 AASLD, APASL, 2015 guidelines for the prevention and treatment of CHB in China, 2017 EASL, the adopted direct parameters for active liver inflammation were ALT and HBV DNA.
In fact, AASLD guidelines recommend testing for Y93H before genotype 3a cirrhotic patients start any SOF/NS5A inhibitor combination, to decide whether extending treatment duration and adding RBV may be necessary.
Keith Lindor from the Arizona State University and President-elect of AASLD.
Per the AASLD practice guidelines, the diagnosis is largely based on biochemical evidence of cholestasis, presence of AMA, and liver biopsy.
A total of six abstracts were accepted for presentation at AASLD, including presentations that contain off-study, follow-on data from a 14-day Phase 1b trial of telaprevir with pegylated interferon, and a 28-day Phase 1b trial of telaprevir with pegylated interferon and ribavirin.
Kershenobich, Rojkind and their associates in Mexico City reported to the AASLD that colchicine treatment effectively improved patients' survival.
where the AASLD held its first special session dedicated to hepatitis D this year.
We are very pleased to have several presentations at AASLD highlighting the potential for OCR-002," said Linda Grais, M.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 2, 2017-Wilson Therapeutics reports promising preliminary long-term data from WTX101 Phase 2 extension study to be presented at AASLD Annual Meeting
The recommendations were developed by a panel of 27 liver disease and infectious diseases specialists and a patient advocate and are intended for "health care providers who treat the disease and others who need updated information on the best practices," according to a statement issued by IDSA and AASLD announcing the launch of the website, which became available on Jan.