AASPApple Authorized Service Provider
AASPAssociação dos Advogados de São Paulo (Brazil)
AASPAmerican Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
AASPAlliance of Automotive Service Providers
AASPAmerican Alliance of Service Providers
AASPAmerican Association of Swine Practitioners
AASPASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AASPAsian Association of Social Psychology
AASPAmerican Association for Single People
AASPAfrican American Studies Program
AASPAmerican Academy of Spine Physicians
AASPAmerican Academy of School Psychology
AASPAlberta Association for Safety Partnerships (Canada)
AASPArizona Association of School Psychologists
AASPAssociation of Advancement Services Professionals (Durham, NC)
AASPAcute Atrophic Spinal Paralysis
AASPAlabama Association of School Psychologists
AASPArmy Automation Security Program
AASPAmerican Antiquarian Society Proceedings
AASPAmerican Association for Social Psychiatry
AASPAndrew Antenna System Planner
AASPAscending Aorta Synchronized Pulsation
AASPAircraft ASW Search Patterns
AASPAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Program
AASPArmy Automation Standardization Program (US Army)
AASPAmerican Association of School Psychologists
AASPAustralian ATM Strategic Plan
AASPAll About South Park
AASPAsian American Studies Program (various schools)
AASPAustralasian Association for Suicide Prevention (Australia)
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Since 1999, I've been to almost every AASP and NASSS conference.
The AASP will ultimately include 10 additional passes and transportation corridors.
AASP advocates allowing unmarried people to designate a child, other relative or domestic partner to receive their Social Security benefits after they die.
Sport psychologists listed on the USOC Registry have a doctoral degree in psychology or sport sciences and are an AASP Certified Consultant.
Common AASP Speakers Bureau topics in sport and exercise include mental toughness, building confidence, psychology of injury and rehabilitation, and improving concentration/focus.
F-Secure is committed to enabling AASP members to quickly add an easy, effective, and lucrative managed security solution to their existing product portfolio," said Travis Witteveen, Vice President, Americas for F-Secure.
Founded in 1986, AASP is an international, multidisciplinary, professional organization that offers certification to qualified professionals in the field of sport and exercise psychology.
Brandonn Harris, a Certified Consultant with AASP and assistant professor at Georgia Southern University, people should steer clear of focusing on extrinsic motivators, such as praise or monetary and materialistic rewards.
Current participants supporting the efforts of the NIA include industry associations such as AASP, CISPA, FISPA, TISPA and others.
Bringing together independent ISPs in a unified front, AASP is an association of over 850 ISPs and growing with a total subscriber base aggregating over 7 million users.
AASP is one of many membership programs for developers, service and training providers, and other companies affiliated with Adobe dedicated to helping them build and market Adobe-related services to achieve their business goals.
A growing number of applied sport and exercise psychology professionals are certified by the AASP, though there are few in Greater Richmond, or throughout the Commonwealth for that matter," stated Blackmer.