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In the depression group, women who were exposed to physical violence achieved higher total scores in HRDS and HAM-A, higher scores in the depressed mood and somatic subscales of HAM-A and had higher rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempt and achieved higher scores in the avoidant and ambivalent subscales of AASQ and higher total scores and higher scores in the physical abuse subscale of CTQ (Table 4).
The physical violence experienced by the male partner during childhood, physical violence of the partner against his children, physical violence experienced by the woman during childhood, suicide attempts of the woman, total score in HRDS and HAM-A, scores in the avoidant and ambivalent subscales of AASQ, and total score in CTQ were included as variables in the logistic regression analysis to determine the predictors of domestic violence.
TABLE 1 SUMMARY STATISTICS FOR THE STUDY VARIABLES BY SAMPLE Scales by # of N Cronbach M SD Coefficient Samples items alpha of variation (V = SD/M) Turkey Total AASQ 12 159 .
Participants in the three groups (LD, LD/ADHD and NA) were administered the SDQ-1 (Marsh, 1990), the AASQ and the ASES in small groups (3 to 4 students at a time).
The demographic information questionnaire, the AASQ, and the BDI were contained in a more extensive packet used in a larger study.
The materials were included in the questionnaire packet in the following order: Informed Consent form, Release of Information form (to obtain objective information concerning participants' academic performance), Demographic Information questionnaire, Academic Goals Questionnaire, AASQ, and the BDI.