AASRAncient and Accepted Scottish Rite (of Freemasons)
AASRAfrican Association for the Study of Religions (Harare, Zimbabwe)
AASRAirport and Airways Surveillance Radar
AASRAnjum Asim Shahid Rahman (consulting/accounting firm; Pakistan)
AASRAustralian Association for Social Research
AASRAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Radar
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"AASR: Authenticated Anonymous Secure Routing for MANETs in Adversarial Environments" in IEEE transactions on Vehicular Technology, 63(9).
The key performance parameters of spaceborne SAR systems are the SW, NESZ, RASR, and AASR.
Mate value, reactivity to jealousy, and aggression, which are seldom assessed in association to attachment (but see Cooper, Shaver, & Collins, 1998; Fletcher, Simpson, Thomas, & Giles, 1999) were integrated in the investigation and adaptation of the AASR in Chile.
Penetration depth 100 m (moderate attenuation) Maximum swath (geometrical) 2000 m @ 800 m 7000 m @ 3000 m NESZ -95 dB @ 800 m -70 dB@ 3000 m AASR N/A RASR N/A SAR-Low Across track resolution N/A Range resolution (free space) 3.75 m (stepped) Along track resolution 4.8m@4 looks Penetration depth Foliage penetration Maximum swath (geometrical) 7400 m @ 1000 m NESZ -80 dB -64 dB AASR No appreciable at chosen PRF RASR -55 dB SAR-High Across track resolution N/A Range resolution (free space) 1.87 m (stepped) Along track resolution 2.5 m @ 2 looks Penetration depth No penetration Maximum swath (geometrical) 1500 m @ 1000 m NESZ -70 dB -54 dB AASR No appreciable at chosen PRF RASR -62 dB
The African Association for the Study of Religions (AASR) and the International Association for the History of Religions will hold their 2012 regional conference July 18-23 at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya, on the topic "Sports, Leisure, Religion, and Spirituality in Africa and the African Diaspora." Organizers are seeking brief proposals for papers before August 30, 2011, which should be sent to convener Damaris Parsitau, dparsitau@yahoo.com, or to chairman Ale Adogame, a.adogame@ed.ac.uk, who is AASR general secretary.
During the autumn of 2010 the Troop were attached to 13 Air Assault Support Regiment (AASR) and deployed to Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, to form the Close Logistic Support Regiment (CSLR) in support of 16 Air Assault Brigade during Operation HERRICK 13.
Fatima bint Mohammed Al Blushi today lauded the choice of Bahrain to be the headquarters of the Arab Association for Social Responsibility (AASR).
Norman Habel (ed.), Powers, Plumes and Piglets, AASR, Bedford Park.
Abidjan: This year's Africa Agriculture Status Report (AASR) says innovative financing is crucial for agricultural transformation, wealth creation and long-term prosperity in Africa.
According to The Africa Agriculture Status Report (AASR) 2014 produced by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), with contributions from other development agencies and scholars, Africa's agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are growing rapidly, accounting for 15% of global agricultural GHG emissions.
The major drawback of the single channel bidirectional SAR imaging mode is the high azimuth ambiguity to signal ratio (AASR) level caused by the grating lobes.