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AASRAAlberta Amputee Sport and Recreation Association
AASRAAsian American Support and Resource Agency (est. 2001)
AASRAAn Association for Scientific Research on the Addictions
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HPM Aasra, a silicon-based super spreader, is an agrochemical that ensures a sustainable shelter for crops against the problem of insecticides, fungicide, and herbicides in the easiest possible fashion.
An adjuvant like Aasra is made of surfactants, emulsifiers, oils and various types of salts.
HPM Aasra supports certain functions in the plant that can ensure this additional strength in them.
In the absence of an agent like HPM Aasra all, these factors combined together are putting extra pressure on our crops and forcing them to produce less.
Aasra spray figures out the deficit areas of the crops and supports them in furnishing the process.
Aasra supports a silicon-based adjuvant; silicon-based spray booster is the latest technology.
We are not critical or judgemental," said Johnson Thomas, director of the Mumbai-based helpline Aasra.
1m/EUR3m) long-term loan and INR60m overdraft facility of Indian Aasra Foundation (Registered), active in the education segment.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Veterinary madicines/surgical items for ABC program and treatment of stray animals at Aasra Bhopal
Unfortunately, even governments at the state and central level have not taken the issue seriously, says Johnson Thomas, Director of Aasra, an intervention centre, based in Navi Mumbai, for the lonely, distressed and suicidal, and functioning since September 13 1998.
Most students wanted information on the time table, their exam centres and so on whilst some of them expressed their concern over failure in exams," Johnson Thomas of Aasra Helpline, told Gulf News.