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AASSAmerican Anti-Slavery Society (est. 1833)
AASSAnn Arbor Staging System (lymphoma)
AASSAdvanced Audio Server Set
AASSAdaptive Antenna Systems Symposium (IEEE)
AASSAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Sensor
AASSAdvanced Airborne Surveillance System
AASSAdvanced Acoustic Search Sensor
AASSAustralian Academy of Social Sciences
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In accordance with our study, it was shown that AASs use have been involved with the abuse of other illicit drugs such as alcohol and morphine (19).
In October 2007, Spanish shipbuilder Navantia won the contract to build the future HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide, both of which use a design based on the Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy) SPS Juan Carlos I AAS.
We performed hierarchical linear regression analyses to predict physical activity twice: first, using the HPLP-II PA subscale (physical activity engagement), and second, using the HAP AAS (physical activity capability).
Aass was CEO of Nice Entertainment Group when it was acquired by MTG in September 2013.
38) Ranzano's Vita Vincentii (=BHL numbers 8657/8658) can be found in AASS, April, 1:481-510.
Although the split appeared quite bitter and occasioned a war of words in the eastern antislavery press, the fragmentation of the AASS only marked the end of a natural progression toward expansion and decentralization.
Shortly thereafter, other designer AASs, including tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) and desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT or madol), were also detected (6, 7).
There were other stripes of abolition (such as the Liberty Party) which were not unremittingly hostile to the Constitution--indeed Douglass himself prominently left the AASS for the Liberty Party, announcing his belief that the Constitution was glorious liberty document that might "be wielded in behalf of emancipation.
Sitting among well-researched explorations into key nations are short but informative pieces on flavourings, bottle shapes, glassware, hops and beer styles that feature every product from Aass to Zywiec.
Beers, like the local Ringnes and Aass - I jest not - are all brewed with pure ingredients and are crisp and tasty, but expect to pay around an eye-watering pounds 5 for half a litre.
Most developer quickly wants to establish the presence of either PASS or AASS to guide their project selection route options.