AASSWBAmerican Association of State Social Work Boards
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In the comments to this section of the model statute, members of the AASSWB task force who developed the document state, "the AASSWB recommends that boards require licensees to complete a specified number of continuing education hours in each licensure renewal period" (AASSWB, 1997, p.
By far the most important policy recommendations affecting social work practice are contained in the fourth article tided "Discipline" (AASSWB, 1997).
Although these specific violations of conduct cover those found in most existing regulatory statutes, the AASSWB's document includes violations of the security of licensing examination materials by unauthorized reproduction of an exam, obtaining questions or exam material, or communicating with another examinee during a licensing exam as reason for disciplinary action.
The AASSWB's proposed code imposes strict procedures for impaired practitioners.
Privileged communications may be granted to a profession by a state legislature in determining whether and under what circumstances some communications between the social worker and "persons consulting the social worker in a professional capacity" (AASSWB, 1997, p.
One advantage of the relatively recent codification of social work credentialing is the endorsement of examination scores by all states that are members of the AASSWB. This does not mean, however, that one jurisdiction cannot impose standards that are more strict than those of other states.
Although there are advantages to pressing for legislative uniformity in social work codes, the model statute presented by the AASSWB raises some issues, which should be evaluated by social workers.
The concepts central to the AASSWB's definition of practice are case management, consultation, counseling, independent practice, and psychotherapy.
Case management is defined as "a procedure to plan, provide and monitor services from a variety of resources on behalf of and in collaboration with a client" (AASSWB, 1997, p.
The AASSWB document suggested as part of the standards for practice (1997) that social workers should display a professional disclosure statement or alternately make the following information about clients' rights available.
The AASSWB model statute emphasizes these consumer protections.