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AATBAmerican Association of Tissue Banks
AATBAnglo-Australian Telescope Board (Australia and UK)
AATBAll About the Benjamins (TV show)
AATBAlto Alto Tenor Baritone (sax quartet)
AATBArmy Arctic Test Board (Fort Greely, AK)
AATBAdvanced Amphibious Training Base
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The EBAA strenuously objects to the inappropriate comments by FDA regarding transmission of disease via corneal transplantation," Pat O'Neill, EBAA president and CEO, wrote AATB President Ted Eastlund, MD.
Following the guidelines of the AATB, all grafts harvested include a detailed donor history as well as serologic and bacteriologic testing.
The partnership also allows AATB to play an advisory role in enhancing the knowledge of the MBSB sales force in financial planning and product knowledge, including training on required skills for the sale of the product, coaching as well as Takaful licensing.
Although only seven banks are accredited, most others follow the standards set by AATB.
AATB standards require rejection of donor tissues with evidence of active infection at the time of donation, including septicemia (7).
17) However, tissue banks are not required to join AATB.
Christ Church Cathedral Choir recorded them transposed up a minor 3rd for SSABar (SATB for Puer natus est nobis and O magnum misterium), and in a forthcoming release by The Cardinall's Musick they are performed down a tone by AATB soloists (or ATBarB for the differently scored items).
com)-- The newly elected American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) Board of Governors and Council officers began their terms in late September at the annual AATB meeting in San Diego.
Controlled innovation in the context of patient safety is paramount as potential therapeutic products or procedures are researched, tested, advanced and proven," AATB pointed out.
While It's Lovely was originally scored for AATB quartet and Yuppieville Rodeo calls for ATTB quartet, both are actually published with extra parts to allow for performance by the standard SATB instrumentation, which is employed for Kentucky Roastup.
While the AATB offers voluntary accreditation to tissue banks and certification for the banks' personnel, accreditation is not required for a tissue bank to operate.
AATB standards require that tissue banks establish a list of organisms which, when cultured from tissue, necessitate discarding, sterilization, or disinfection of harvested tissues (6).