AATCAsian American Theater Company
AATCAir National Guard Air Force Reserve Test Center
AATCAdvanced Automatic Train Control
AATCAmphibious Air Traffic Control
AATCAutomatic Air Traffic Control
AATCAsian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative (est. 2001)
AATCAmericans Against Traffic Calming
AATCAir-to-Air Thermal Cycling
AATCAnti-Aircraft Training Center
AATCApple Authorized Training Center Program
AATCAdvanced Air Training Command
AATCAir Force Reserve/Air National Guard Test Center
AATCAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare Tactical Coordinator/Coordination
AATCAlbany Area Teen Consortium (Albany, NY)
AATCAdvanced Automated Tactical Communications (SPAWAR PMW 179-3)
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If Boeing is awarded the tanker contract, it would support at least 50,000 new and existing jobs across the country, according to a statement released by AATC.
Louisville will welcome more than 500 delegates who specialize in African-American group travel to the AATC in April 2005.
Our team was thus able to select constants that were appropriate to the sizes of solder joints that were subjected to AATC to make direct comparisons between the simulated and experimental assemblies.
That's an entirely new campus," said Ed Franklin, executive director of the AATC.
Name Sequence (5' [right arrow] 3') PNT3-1 TGG CCC CTC CTC AGC ATC TTA BK-1 Biotin-CAA GGC CTC ATT CAG CTC TC PC3-6 Cy5-CGA GTG GAA GGA AAT TTG CGT PNT4-3 CGG CGC ACA GAG GAA GAG AATC PB4-8 Biotin-CGC ACA CCT ATT GCA AGC AAG GG PC4-S1 Cy5-GGG GAG CCT CAC CAC GA PN-8 GTG CTT TCC ACG ACG GTG ACA PN-9 CAA ATG GAA GTC CTG GGT GCT T 34-1 (a) CTG GCC CCT CCT CAG CAT CTT AT 34-2 (a) TCA AAG ACC CAA AAC CCA AAA TG (a) Primers were modified at the 5' end for use on automated sequencers as follows: ABI 377, HEX-labeled 34-1, FAM-labeled 34-2; ALFexpress, both primers labeled with Cy5.
AATC opened in June 1998 with 50 students signing up to learn to be air- frame and power plant mechanics.
In each case the slopes are statistically significant, with the slope coefficient of the AATC function as -.
Without limitation and without the requirements of notice to proposers, the AATC reserves the right to shorten
Stroud is an NAA Lyceum Leadership Graduate and is a candidate for the AATC Lyceum Program this year.
Luckily for AATC, the business case to remain open was being made.
TIC's head of interactive media, Steve Smith, said: "We're delighted to be running the first AATC outside London.
today announced that Shlomo Weiss, Vice President of the company's Software Monetization division, will speak at the Software & Information Industry Association's AATC (All About the Cloud) 2013 conference taking place at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, May 7-9, 2013.