AATDAviation Applied Technology Directorate
AATDAlpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
AATDAdvanced Aviation Training Device
AATDArmy Advanced Technology Demonstration
AATDAdapted Alternating Treatments Design
AATDAutomated Articulation Testing Device
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Testing for AATD is somewhat controversial in settings such as the United Kingdom, where augmentation therapy for patients with deficiency is currently unavailable.
Estimated lower limits of AATD allele prevalences, assuming the absence of S- and Z-alleles in subjects of the base population with serum AAT > 1.
Jackson is in the end stage of AATD and on the waiting list for a double lung transplant that could save her life.
The only current treatment for AATD is weekly infusion with a human serum-derived substitute AAT protein that is in chronically short supply.
Procedures for determining the equivalence and independence of the two word sets for each student are an important consideration in the use of the AATD.
The AATD was either severe or intermediate: 8 were PI*MR (where R indicates rare deficient variants) (6), 8 were PI*MS, 25 were PI*MZ, 4 were PI*SZ, 14 were PI*ZZ, and 4 were PI*ZR.
Microvision will also initiate the final phases of militarization and ruggedization to enable a flight capable system that meets airworthiness requirements specified by the AATD.
DHi has previously developed a main rotor de-icing slip ring for Army AATD and Sikorsky, using HiPerCon's electrical brushes as a form-fit function retrofit to an existing UH-60 aircraft de-icing slip ring for laboratory and flight testing later this year.
As a part of this mutual cooperation, the IMC Club is also endorsing the Redbird FMX AATD as the official preferred flight simulator of the Club.
The AATD, together with Sierra Nevada Corporation, is resting a new technology, called the Guided Launch and Recovery System.
AATD is a genetic disorder that causes low levels of alpha 1-antitrypsin, resulting in emphysema.