AATDSAdvanced Automotive Technical Development Services
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For example, on my second session in the AATD, I flew the scenario described below, using an A36 Bonanza to replicate the performance of my previous mount, rather than the Cessna 172.
If you plan on flying IFR, consider using an AATD or other flight training device to maintain these skills.
Environment (V): If you're IFR-qualified, you may want to limit your flying in low IMC conditions, unless you are using an AATD to supplement your proficiency.
There are Basic Aviation Training Devices (BATDs), Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs), and the old, PC-ATDs.
Therefore, 14 CFR sections 61.57(c)(3) and 61.65(h) do not apply to PCATDs, BATDs, or AATDs. Section 61.65(g) still applies to PCATDs, BATDs, and AATDs.
An AATD may only be authorized for use towards Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot certificate training and testing,
PCATD, BATD, and AATD are authorized for use in accordance with a specific FAA Letter of Authorization or Approval."
Correct responding was measured via direct observation, calculated as a percentage correct, and evaluated via visual analysis in the context of the AATD. Figure 1 displays the individual probe data for all 12 participants.
Procedures for determining the equivalence and independence of the two word sets for each student are an important consideration in the use of the AATD. Target words for each student were divided into two equivalent sets using the following criteria: (a) high-imagery versus low-imagery words (Hargis, 1982); (b) phonetic properties, including beginning or ending sounds; and (c) structural properties (i.e., number of syllables).
Differences between the two conditions are demonstrated in an AATD when acquisition of one set of stimuli occurs at a faster rate.