AATEAustralian Association for the Teaching of English
AATEAmerican Alliance for Theatre and Education (Bethesda, MD)
AATEAdvanced Affordable Turbine Engine (US Army)
AATEAmerican Association of Teachers of Esperanto
AATEAfrican American Theatre Ensemble (Evanston, IL)
AATEArctic Acoustic Transmission Experiment
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The goal of the AATE program is to develop a 3,000-shaft horsepower engine around the same size as the T700, which weighs about 450 pounds.
In their insistence on the importance of different models of English and of key theorists within these models, the ETA and the AATE underscored the importance of the 'knower code' in the production of a coherent account of disciplinarity in English.
The Literacy committee led the 3 week festival and planned it with the same components as one of our ALEA AATE conferences; a logo, a conference theme, banners, a book fair, entertainment, keynote sessions, workshop sessions and book launches.
She served on AATE national council for nine years and is currently on the ACTATE executive.
Jo O'Mara is a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University and a Research and Initiatives Officer for AATE.
Overseeing the entire project is Lima s Electric Train Consortium, Consorcio Tren Electrico(CTE), which was chosen by AATE as the main contractor for Line 1.
ALEA Members around Australia may remember the ALEA AATE drive to raise funds to support literacy initiatives In Timor Leste.
Apii Te Uki Ou & Students Paper: Literacy In Oceania: Successes And Challenges Of Multi Lingual Multi Cultural Contexts: by Maureen Goodwin for AATE & ALEA Conference, Canberra, July 2007
AATE position papers: Professional development for English teachers.
Paper presented at the joint National Conference of AATE and ALEA, Adelaide.
The scholars, principals and mentors have flagged aspects of the materials to be refined or added to and ALEA and AATE have begun discussions with respect to making changes to the materials.