AATGAmerican Association of Teachers of German
AATGAction Aid the Gambia (est. 1979; UK)
AATGAnglo American Theatre Group (Netherlands)
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2-15 DMA (%) 80 65-89 N6AMT1 haplotypes (n) Haplotype 1: AATG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 30/81/77 Haplotype 3: ATTG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 5/46/137 Haplotype 9: GTGT (0/1/2 copies) (c) 72/73/43 AS3MT haplotype (n) Haplotype 2: GCCATCAC (2/1/0 copies) (d) 90/75/21 (a) SAC: San Antonio de los Cobres; other villages: Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes, Pocitos, Olacapato, Cobres, Rosario de Lerma.
I love the ubiquitous visibility of women on conference panels at the AATG and MLA and their increased numbers in the tenured ranks.
Profile of the Profession: Results of the 1992 AATG Membership Survey.
Any AATG member wishing to nominate a colleague for the position is encouraged to do so by notifying the Search Committee chair, Peter C.
Dieter Sevin was a frequent lecturer in North America at the AATG, GSA, and MLA and an invited speaker in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
The experience of a GQ Editor plays out on many levels, Dealing with the AATG staff is so easy and agreeable: I think particularly of the recently retired Executive Director, Helene Zimmer-Loew--and the indispensable Kurt Muller, who transforms our varied texts into a cohesive totality (the journal
This is evidenced not only by the frequent appearance of articles on German film in all the major German literature and culture journals and the existence of two book series devoted to German film (Camden House's "Screen Cultures" and Berghahn's "Film Europa: German Cinema in an International Context"), but also by the increased number of academic conferences, MLA, GSA, and AATG conference panels, and graduate and undergraduate courses at colleges and universities across the country that center on German film.
The AATG has had the most success in saving German programs when there is strong local support for German.
AATG leadership and membership met the challenge set by the Editorial Board.
And this year's submissions are being read as I write: renewed thanks to our sponsor, AATG, and to the young scholars who have produced them.
These will be co-sponsored by the AATG, and a selection of the texts will be published in GQ at this time next year.