AATGAmerican Association of Teachers of German
AATGAnglo American Theatre Group (Netherlands)
AATGAction Aid the Gambia (est. 1979; UK)
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Nine N6AMT1 haplotypes were inferred from rs1997605, rs2205449, rs2705671, and rs1048546: a) AATG, b) AAGG, c) ATTG, d) ATTT, e) GAGT, f) GTTG, g) GTTT, h) GTGG, and i) GTGG; of which only haplotypes 1, 3, and 9 were common enough (36%, 16%, and 42%, respectively, Table 2) for analyses.
2-15 DMA (%) 80 65-89 N6AMT1 haplotypes (n) Haplotype 1: AATG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 30/81/77 Haplotype 3: ATTG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 5/46/137 Haplotype 9: GTGT (0/1/2 copies) (c) 72/73/43 AS3MT haplotype (n) Haplotype 2: GCCATCAC (2/1/0 copies) (d) 90/75/21 (a) SAC: San Antonio de los Cobres; other villages: Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes, Pocitos, Olacapato, Cobres, Rosario de Lerma.
Tamburri brought up the need to have the Italian Government become aware of the pressing need for financial assistant for our AP language program, a usual practice with other language associations, such as the AATG, the AATE and the AATS.