AATHAssociation for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
AATHAmerican Association for Therapeutic Humor (now: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor)
AATHAutomatic Approach To Hover
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AATH has generated the following list of 10 tips to help you lighten up and rise above the current economic turmoil and stress of the holiday season:
"Humor stimulates and impacts virtually every human system," notes the AATH Web site.
Entidades como el Proyecto Humor (The Humor Project Inc.) y la Asociacion para el Humor Terapeutico (AATH, por sus siglas en ingles) promueven el humor como terapia alrededor de todo el mundo, en hospitales y universidades, y realizan congresos y conferencias periodicas sobre el tema.
One popular Nyinba legend says: Aath aalo Thihal, chaubis aalo Barkhang (lit.
In 1987, with awareness of the therapeutic benefits of laughter and humor growing, the American Association for Therapeutic Humor (AATH) was incorporated as a nonprofit.
Together with AATh's wide ranging engineering capabilities and specialist services, these services have played significant roles in the development of the Anglo American group's major mining and metallurgical ventures.
Analogues with Irish literature have been suggested, but should not be overstressed, (26) and in any case the analogues cited do not answer all the problems posed by this tale, which is a clumsy adaptation of the widespread and ancient 'Ring of Polycrates' (AaTh 736A, also incorporated into 930D).
The AATH publishes a bibliography on laughter therapy ands quarterly newsletter, Laugh It Up.
8.30am: Nishtar Park; Eidgah Shuhda-i-Meelad; Preedy Street, Jacob Line; Markazi Eidgah, Imam Ahmed Raza Ground, Korangi No 2; Aqsa Eidgah, Stadium, Khokhrapar No 1; Jamia Masjid Qutub Rabbani, Dargah Ashrafia, Gulbahar; Jamia Masjid Jeelani North Karachi; Jamia Masjid Noor-i-Haram, Sindhi Hotel, Liaquatabad; Jamia Masjid Mullah Umar, Aath Chowk, Lyari; Masjid Gulzar-i-Habib, Eidgah, Manzoor Colony; Jamia Masjid Alqadri, Ittehad Town; Jamia Nooria Rizvia, Kehkashan, Clifton.
The entire area was gloomy and shops and other businesses were closed in Kalakot, Chakiwara, Aath Chowk, Singo Lane, Jhatpat Market and adjacent areas to mourn the victims.
aAth Many scientists think man-made problems mean there won't be much of the reef left in 20 years.
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