AATHAssociation for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
AATHAmerican Association for Therapeutic Humor (now: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor)
AATHAutomatic Approach To Hover
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Humor stimulates and impacts virtually every human system," notes the AATH Web site.
The AATH Web site is pretty funny in itself, and one reason is the component of humor that involves incongruity.
As previously noted, AATH cites creating social bonds among the benefits of humor, and Morrison notes that a strong bond of trust among the members of a school community is essential for school improvement.
With AATH paired with CalFinder you really can't go wrong.
With this policy, it's no wonder AATH is one of the industry's most rapidly growing sites.
For deeper study, AATH offers the Humor Academy, a multi-option curriculum through which participants earn a certificate and/or graduate level credit.
Buxman emphasizes the importance of using appropriate humor at the appropriate time, something AATH members take seriously.
com/ -- does match visitors with contractors like AATH, but its real value is providing a wide array of information on every sort of home improvement project.
This symposium, co-hosted by AATH and co-sponsor Gilda's Club Chicago, will include presentations by author Christine Clifford and Health Psychologist Torrey Wilson.
More information about the conference is available on the AATH website at WWW.
AATH brings together nationally known experts to provide information on humor theory and its applications at its annual conference.
The AATH conference attendee rates are $99 per night.