AATSAmerican Association for Thoracic Surgery
AATSAmes Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer
AATSAircrew/Aircraft Tasking System
AATSAssured Access to Space
AATSAlternate Aircraft Takeoff System
AATSAnti Aircraft Target System
AATSAudit Action Tracking System
AATSAutomated Action Tracking System
AATSAutomated Architecture Tool Support
AATSAutomatic Altitude Trim System (Helicopters)
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Meanwhile President Masisi has appealed to the AU to elevate AATS from a side event to the main agenda of the summit.
He said Botswana spent a lot on agriculture and the AATS would not only help the country take stock of itself but also help it to look at the entire continent.
President Masisi commended AATS for its diligent work in accelerating agricultural transformation on the continent.
El presente trabajo se elabora con el fin de ahondar en las cuestiones senaladas en el contexto de las AAT de Alava.
En el estudio han participado 68 padres (N=68) con al menos un hijo cursando el itinerario educativo de las AAT, 26 profesores encargados directamente de las AAT (N=26) y 30 profesores de las clases ordinarias (N=30) en las que, en la mayoria de los casos, los alumnos de las AAT pasan parte del tiempo con los alumnos sin n.e.e.
"Ah'm nooan capped ther wer sooa monny dropped aat. Ah think if Ah'd been in it Ah'd 'ave been tempted ter cadge a lift on a quahrt stretch."
As we walked up th' 'ill aat o' Slawit we nooaticed Jim O' Jack's wer in one of 'is fields wi' a sheepdog an' a dozen sheep.