AATTCAdvanced Airlift Tactics Training Center
AATTCAustralian Association of Timetable Collectors (Australia)
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Continuing work in the development of tactics and fleet modernization efforts have increased the number and complexity of funding streams that AATTC uses to improve the survivability of MAF personnel and assets.
Across the financial spectrum, AATTC financiers have to be well versed on all funding streams available and the legalities of executing this vast mission.
Moreover, adding more C-27Js to the AATTC should occur earlier in the sequence than in previous options.
Kellogg ANG Base, Michigan Same 25-26 Rosecrans ANG Base, Missouri Same 27-38 Two each at the first six bases above Same Aircraft Sequence Remarks 1-4 Supports FEMA Regions VIII and V 5-8 Supports FEMA Region I 9-24 * Supports FEMA Region IV 9-24 * Supports FEMA Region V 9-24 * Supports FEMA Region III 9-24 * Supports FEMA Region V 25-26 C-27J AATTC 27-38 Units can deploy with four PAAs; two PAAs left for FEMA support * Stand-up sequence to be determined Table 2.
Steve Cotter, commander of the 139th Airlift Wing, which hosts the AATTC, to select Colonel Hurst," said Maj.