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AAUAmateur Athletic Union
AAUAalborg University
AAUAcademy of Art University (San Francisco, CA)
AAUAssociation of American Universities
AAUAddis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
AAUAssociation of African Universities
AAUAssigned Amount Unit
AAUArab Association of Urology
AAUAmbrose Alli University (Ekpoma, Nigeria)
AAUAmerican Athletic Union
AAUAdministrative Appeals Unit
AAUAcute Assessment Unit (various hospitals; UK)
AAUAcute Anterior Uveitis (eye disorder)
AAUAsian Americans United
AAUAssociation of Atlantic Universities (Canada)
AAUAmerican Art-Union (est. 1840)
AAUAssociated Aviation Underwriters
AAUAcute Admissions Unit
AAUAssam Agriculture University (India)
AAUAssociation of Aerospace Universities
AAUAirport Admin Utility (software)
AAUAir Ambulance Unit
AAUAttitude, Awareness & Usage (marketing)
AAUArtists Among Us
AAUAssociation of Arab Universities
AAUAlpha Acid Unit
AAUAllied American Underwriters (El Segundo, CA)
AAUanalog applique unit
AAUAutomatic Answering Unit
AAUAwareness, Attitude & Usage
AAUAnnouncement Amplifier Unit
AAUAcoustic Add-On Unit
AAUAssociation Assurance Universelle (French: Universal Insurance Association)
AAUAutomatic Answer Unit
AAUAsynchronous Attachment Unit
AAUApplicant Add Update
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Connally joins AAU with 36 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in workers compensation.
The UO has a solid explanation for that ranking - it has no medical school, engineering school or college of agriculture, all of which are magnets for research dollars, and is productive in other areas of research - but other universities that rank higher can, by the AAU's own standards, make a case for membership.
That's why the AAU is distributing the regulations andrelated documents in a loose-leaf, three-ring binder, says AAU's John C.
U aaaa U*[c] aaU*UU*U[logical not] UaeU[sup.1]aa aeU1/4aaU aaU* U aaae U*aaaaU[degrees]U U[umlaut] aaaaUU[logical not]aaU[macron] aaaaac aaU U*aaae U*aaauUU aeUaeU[degrees] U*aaU[logical not]U[degrees]U[macron]ae aeU*aaaeaeU[umlaut]..
Sixty-two of the top research universities in the United States and Canada belong to the AAU, including the biggest names in public and private higher education - schools such as Harvard and Berkeley, Princeton and Penn.
Rosenzweig, AAU president, admits that the AAU can't force compliance with the moratorium on congressional earmarking.
aaUaa UNaaU[macron]aeaaaeUae aeU aaU[bar] aaaa U*aaU aaU 140 U U*aa aeaaU*U[sup.3]U[macron] #UU*U[macron]aa_U*aaU[degrees]Uaaaeaa_U*aaU[sup.3]Uaeauaeaa U[degrees]auU[sup.1]U[umlaut] U*aaaaac ae #aeaaae_U*aaU acU[macron] U*aaUuaaaeaa U U*aaU[degrees]U1/4 U aaae aaauaeU[logical not]acaa U[degrees]auU[sup.1]acaa U*aaaaac @KingSalman @Badermasaker #U[micro]aeaeau_UU*U[macron]aa_U*aaU[degrees]Uaaaeaa pic.twitter.com/JpmDD5Utnm
UuU[degrees]aaU*aaaaU* auae aaU U*aaaeU[umlaut] U*aaauU[micro]U*Ui UuU[acute accent]U U[degrees]U[logical not] U[degrees]aeaeaeU[umlaut] aeU[acute accent]aaU acU* U[sup.3]U U*U aaU* U*aaUaeaa aeUU[cedilla]Uaeaa aaUU[degrees]aaU[umlaut] U1/4U[macron]aeU[macron]U[umlaut] aaaa U*aaU[logical not]U[degrees]U[macron]ae U*aaU aaaaae..aaauUU U U[sup.3]U U*U U*aaUNaaU*UU*U[logical not]..U aeU*aa UU*aeU[macron] aeU UNaaU1/4U*UU*U[logical not]acaa U*aaU[logical not]ae U[logical not]U Uacaa Uuaa U*aaU UU aeU*U[macron]Uaeaa U aaae U*aaaaaaU*auUU[umlaut] aeU*aaUaeU*U[macron]U[umlaut].
aaU U[degrees]Uaeaa acae aaaaaeUU1/4 aaaaUNU U[logical not]U[macron]U*aa U*aaU[macron]aeaaae aeU*aaU[logical not]U U*aeU[sup.3] U*aaUaaaaae U[degrees]aeU1/2 U[logical not]U[logical not]U1/4UaaeU[macron] auaeacU* aaU U*U[macron]U* U*aaaaacU*U[logical not]aaU* U[bar]U*aaU[macron]ae.