AAUCAlumni Associations of the University of California
AAUCAmateur Athletic Union of Canada
AAUCAsociación de Afectados de Urticaria Crónica (Spanish: Association of Chronic Urticaria of Affected)
AAUCAfrican-American Unity Center (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
AAUCAalesund University College (Norway)
AAUCAfrican-American Unity Caucus
AAUCAmerican Association of University Consultants
AAUCArche ACORN User Club (Germany)
AAUCabbreviated area under the curve
AAUCAct Against Unfair Competition
AAUCAmerican Association of Universities & Colleges
AAUCAddis Ababa University College
AAUCAssociation de l'Art des Universités du Canada
AAUCAlternatives to Animal Use Committee
AAUCAnno Ab Urbe Condita (Latin: Year After the Foundation of Rome, used in manuscripts)
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Machum, the nominating committee's recommendation for AAUC president, was easily defeated by Hart, nominated from the floor at the same 1948 meeting.
George Machum, president of the AAUC, said they had all agreed that no statement would be made, but urged the public to understand that what had been done at the meeting was strictly in the interest of the skater and to protect her Olympic status.
Hearn, president of the Eastern Ontario Branch of the AAUC had no authority to authorize the acceptance of the car by Scott.
130) He had been among the many who correctly viewed the AAUC as moribund following World War II.
A proposal in favour of broken time payments was strongly rejected (118-40) at the 1936 Annual Meeting of the AAUC on 19 November 1936, while the "blanket" rule (if an athlete was professional in one sport, he was a professional in all sports) carried (90-72), but the president ruled against it on the basis that the change would have required a two-thirds majority.
8) Annual Meeting of the AAUC, 1936, 53, National Archives of Canada (hereafter, NA), Ottawa.
It does not seem to have been terminal trouble, however, since he became president of the AAUC and later Honorary President of the COA.
26) Dawes wrote to Edstrom in mid July 1948, outlining his plan to have the COA obtain letters patent and adopt its own by-laws, rules and regulations, so that it would be composed of one or more representatives appointed by each of the sports governing bodies interested in Olympic events, including the AAUC, which would also nominate representatives for the sports it administered, which were boxing, wrestling, track and field, weightlifting and gymnastics.
As tensions grew regarding an independent Olympic committee, Hart stayed on and played out the game with Machum in the battle within the AAUC, culminating in 1948 when he defeated Machum for its presidency.
Dawes replied to Brundage a few days later to make it clear that the dinner to which Brundage had been invited was one given by the city of London, not the AAUC.
Further evidence of the tensions can be seen in Dawes' letter of 23 September 1948 to Brundage, in which Dawes made two observations, one that according to precedent, Machum was to retire as AAUC president, having been in office for two years.