AAUGAssociation of Arab-American University Graduates
AAUGAssociation of Acorn User Groups
AAUGAlaskan Apple Users Group (Macintosh computer users)
AAUGAustin Adobe User Group (Austin, TX)
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18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In a stunning rebuke of an insurance company, a federal judge in Florida has awarded sanctions against insurer AAUG Insurance Company, Ltd.
After 1967 he wanted to be a part of a progressive organization and did join the AAUG.
In the early 1970s, AAUG held its convention in Boston at one of its hotels.
From its inception, the leaders of AAUG were determined not to be beholden to any Arab or other government, political or religious party, or corporation.
As a non-Arab I was originally not eligible for full voting membership, but joined AAUG as an associate, non-voting member.
The AAUG would serve as a bank of knowledge and talent, a think tank, to work on various assignments and projects all aimed at producing and disseminating accurate and reliable information about all facets of Arab society, economy and polity.
We hoped that the AAUG would become a place where these like-minded individuals, many of whom had come to the U.
The AAUG did not face, let alone resolve, some of these and other existential issues in order to lay the foundation for the type of action-oriented group that many of us wanted it to be.
In fact, the very first "official" office of the AAUG was a rented single room in a family home in New Bedford.
First, I highlight the factors that gave rise to and shaped the AAUG.
It must be remembered that the principal audience for the AAUG membership would be those Arabs who came [primarily in the 1950s and thereafter] to the U.
Indeed, the objectives of the AAUG, as spelled out in its (1968) by-laws, were distinctly educational and not political: